If you’re looking for an option to straighten your teeth that is fast, effective, and virtually invisible, then Spark aligners may be right for you! Spark Aligners are a great option in the same way most clear aligners gradually shift your teeth into place. After Spark Aligners, you will have a smile you’re proud of!

Spark Aligners has a clear commitment to being the best aligner option available on the market. Spark Aligners are famous for being the clearest aligners available, so our patients benefit from a nearly invisible corrective treatment. Another added benefit of Spark Aligners lies in the fact that they don’t really yellow over time. Additionally, this appliance is made using TruGEN™, an innovative technology designed by experts to be more comfortable and polished.

What Are Spark Aligners?

Clear aligners are dental appliances that are used to correct bites in individuals of all ages. For those who have issues with a crossbite, teeth crowding, or jaw alignment an orthodontist is needed to correct these issues. Traditional methods of this bite correction date back decades. Traditional metal braces have been around for years and more recently ceramic braces have become a less-visible alternative to the metal alternative. In recent years, clear aligners came on the market as a means to align teeth without the need for metal brackets, wires, and routine adjustments. These aligners are known to be more comfortable, less visible, and require less effort on behalf of the patient.

Very recently, Spark Aligners came on to the scene as an improved version of clear aligners. Now patients have multiple aligner options available to them not only within braces but also in the realm of clear aligners. Spark Aligners aims to make clear aligners accessible to people of all ages and demographics.

Why Choose Spark Clear Aligners?

Spark Aligners is an option in the clear aligner family. With this clear aligner brand, you can expect to have the same benefits that clear aligners are known for, but with added benefits. Spark Aligners was created to fit tighter on the teeth, yellow less over time, and be less visible than alternative aligners. These clear aligners are also known to be more comfortable since they are hand-filed before fitting.

Leading Aligner Brand Spark Aligners


How Do Spark Clear Aligners Work?

Spark Clear Aligners essentially do the same work that other clear aligners do. Just like all aligners, Spark can shape your teeth into place and help you achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming of. They fit more snugly to the teeth, allowing quicker tooth movement than alternative brands. The TruGEN technology allows the aligners to be polished and scalloped so it is more comfortable than the leading clear aligner brand. Once we get our patient’s mouth and teeth structure scanned, we can determine if you are a candidate for Spark. From there, we’ll have your trays built out and get you on the road towards your perfect smile. Simply wear the aligners as directed and change them out once every 1-2 weeks.

Spark is the New Alternative to Invisalign

Invisalign uses Smart Track as the technology behind the plastic. Spark uses TruGEN. TruGEN is a good option for those looking for clear aligners and this brand can be used as an alternative to Invisalign. The TruGEN technology allows for the teeth to be moved more than other clear aligner brands, which may result in a faster treatment time.