At Knight Orthodontics, we’re passionate about giving you the smile you deserve. More adults than ever are seeking orthodontic treatment. This is because of the affordability and accessibility of treatments that fit the lifestyle of almost everyone. Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment that is virtually invisible while being just as effective as more traditional methods. If you’re like many adults today, you may have been waiting for a treatment to come along that can fit your busy lifestyle. These clear aligners may be the solution for you.

Why Should I Get Invisalign As An Adult?

Many people think that orthodontic treatment is only for teenagers. Adults are quickly becoming the largest demographic for treatment because dental problems only become more evident as time goes on. The inconspicuous appearance of clear aligners like Invisalign can help you achieve a straight and healthy smile all while being almost invisible.
There are a number of dental issues that arise as we get older. If these dental problems are left untreated, they can cause pain while eating, biting, speaking, and more. We should also mention that if teeth become misaligned, it can sometimes be more difficult to clean your teeth, leading to tooth decay and loss. Invisalign can help you correct these issues to give you the smile you deserve.

One of the greatest benefits of Invisalign is the freedom it affords our patients. These removable aligners are very discreet and ultra-comfortable, so you and everyone around will forget you’re wearing them. Invisalign is designed to be removed so you can take them out whenever it is convenient (so long as you wear them 22 hours per day). Worried about your diet with Invisalign? Don’t be! You can continue to eat your favorite foods because your trays can be removed before eating. Ready to start your journey towards a brighter, healthier smile? Request a free consultation to learn more about services today!

How Do I Start Treatment?

Our treatment will begin with a free consultation where we’ll begin to assess your smile. We’ll start with an X-ray of your smile to get an understanding of your teeth, your bite, and how they fit together. During this, Dr. Knight will begin to get to know you and your treatment goals. We’ll explain to you how we can help so you can feel empowered about your decision moving forward. If you’re a candidate for Invisalign, we can discuss treatment from there.

Once we determine if Invisalign is right for you, we’ll use a scanner to get an idea of how it will work for you. A benefit of our scanner is that we can show you a model before and after of how we expect your smile to change. Once you decide on your desired results, Dr. Knight will plan out a series of aligners that gradually shift your teeth until they reach the correct position. Your first pair of aligners will be created using a state-of-the-art 3d printer and thermoplastics to create your custom aligner trays. Once these trays are created, you’ll change them out about every 2 weeks to move your teeth into place.

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

In short, it varies. Each patient has a wide range of needs and goals so each time frame varies a great deal. We will craft your series of aligners to perfectly address your needs and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Every patient has a different treatment time, but most can expect to be finished in one to two years. What matters is that you’ll have your dream smile in no time!

How Much Will My Invisalign Clear Aligners Cost?

At Knight Orthodontics, we believe our patients shouldn’t have to put off dental treatment because of financial reasons. Because of this, our practice has worked hard to offer numerous payment options to individuals based on their needs. Our financing plans can help you budget safely and securely. Additionally, we will work with most insurance providers to help you get out-of-pocket costs covered. Getting the smile you deserve shouldn’t be stressful, and our knowledgeable team members are ready to answer any questions you may have about treatment costs.

How Do I Care for My Invisalign

Caring for Invisalign is easy and simple. When you eat, take them out. Brush your teeth and the trays before putting them back in and ensure no leftover food stays inside the trays. Other than this, there are no special restrictions.

Benefits Of Invisalign for Adults

Other than a perfect smile at the end of treatment, you can expect:

  • Easy-to-maintain trays
  • Near-Invisible dental appliance
  • Eat your favorite foods
  • No uncomfortable wires or brackets
  • Easy-to-see results

Why You Should Choose Knight Orthodontics for Invisalign in Louisville, KY

At Knight Orthodontics, we create perfect smiles. Dr. Knight’s meticulous and friendly approach ensures every element of your oral health is cared for. From aesthetics, to bite, to jaw structure, Dr. Knight has the experience to get your smile where it needs to be.