How Do Braces Work?

Braces are the time-tested, and true method for straightening teeth because of their efficiency of doing just that. For clear and metal braces, we place brackets on each tooth and thread a wire through each bracket to connect them. The action is a manual action. The wire that connects them will slowly move your teeth into position. This wire is attached to the brackets via rubber bands so there are plenty of colorful options.

In addition to clear and metal braces, we offer Damon® System braces. The Damon bracket uses a unique sliding-door technology that allows for self-litigation. This allows the wire to slide back and forth within the bracket, allowing for dynamic adjustment. This technology creates less friction and results in greater comfort for the patient. In addition, Damon braces have been known to have a quicker treatment time.

How Long Will I Wear Braces?

The time spent in treatment with braces varies wildly from patient to patient. Simpler and minor procedures require people to be in braces for 6 months while extreme cases require up to 30 months. You can’t rush a perfect smile and our treatment is meant to get you where you need to be as quickly, comfortably, and safely as possible. After treatment, it is important to wear a retainer so the jaw and teeth structure stays the same as they did the day we removed the braces.

Do Braces Hurt?

Braces are infamous for being uncomfortable, but thankfully, modern medicine can alleviate some of these pains. In the 21st century, we have braces that are more comfortable and more stylish. There may still be inevitable pain from the action of the teeth moving, but this is a short adjustment while you get used to the feeling of an appliance in your mouth. Most patients quickly adapt to their braces. We will supply wax that can help alleviate areas where the brackets are causing pain. In addition, it may help to take some over-the-counter pain relievers. If you feel pain or discomfort for a prolonged period, we encourage you to reach out to our office so we can give you advice or make adjustments to your appliance.

What Foods Will I Have to Avoid When Getting Braces?

We’re happy to give a comprehensive list, but in short, know that anything hard or sticky is probably going to be off-limits. Partaking in these may shake ajar your brackets or wires and this may prolong your time in braces. Things like nuts, hard candies, and chewing gum are a no-go when it comes to braces.

How Do I Care for My Teeth While Wearing Braces?

Our patients must maintain strong oral hygiene while wearing braces. Adults are much more likely to suffer from periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, leading to bone loss and tooth loss. Our patients need to ensure they use their dental care devices frequently and effectively. Brush around the brackets and wires and ensure every area of your teeth gets clean when you brush. Floss around tight areas as you normally would. We encourage you to continue getting your regularly scheduled teeth cleaning from your general dentist. Not maintaining good oral health habits while in braces may increase the risk of disease, but most commonly, our patients will have stains around the places brackets lay. When the brackets are removed, it is noticeable.

How Do I Protect My Mouth When Playing Sports with Braces?

It is important to wear mouth guards when playing sports. These mouth guards will ensure that any impact with a ball or another individual will be absorbed into the mouthpiece instead of the teeth. Impact on the teeth may cause brackets to be removed from the teeth and this can prolong treatment. In addition to this, simply being conscious of your braces can ensure no risks are taken that could damage the teeth.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The cost of braces varies depending on the extent of a patient’s needs. However, we are constantly working to make our services accessible to the community. We also work with many insurance providers to keep out-of-pocket costs down. Our team works hard to ensure that our patients are cared for and this includes keeping costs down. We’ll work hard to get you a fair price with your insurance provider.